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As lead chemist in your very own out-of-this-world laboratory, its your job to identify UFOs Unidentified Funky Oozes with the help of the Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs: UFO alien slime lab. Set up and use your lab station separately or as an extension of the Ooze Labs Chemistry Station (a Parents Choice Silver Honor winner!) to mix up batches of unidentified alien slime and conduct tests on them to analyze and investigate their special properties. The kit comes with all the tools needed to set forth on your alien slime research mission. Use the syringe to conduct viscosity tests, roll the slime with a roller, and dissect it with tweezers and a plastic scalpel. Cut a brain shape out of the slime, stamp it with an alien head, and add eyes to it! Explore your slimes make-up and properties like their different colors, glittery components, and glowing and color-changing effects and then use your findings to correctly identify the different slimes.