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Shipping is unavailable. Order online & pickup in-store!

uLace Classic Shoelaces

**For Sneakers with Wide Eyelet-Spans**
**2 packs needed to lace most pairs of sneakers**
  • Quickly transform lace-up sneakers into hassle-free slip-ons.
  • Nothing to ever tie, un-tie or re-tie.
  • Super-simple 3-min push-pull installation.
  • Truly-woven material for authentic look and durability.
  • Modular design allows for multi-color lace-ups.

Engineered for Zero Hassle

Your journey to a life without shoelace hassle began with our effort to create and engineer the world's first modular no-tie shoelaces. From day one, our design mantra has been: it must be Simple, it must be Authentic, and most of all it must be Effective.

With its easy Push/Pull installation, uLace is Simple to use. In the words of Sneaker Freaker Magazine, "uLace is Easy Peasy!"

uLace looks and feels Authentic because it is uniquely made from truly woven, yarn-dyed polyester fibers and lycra. Weaving our fibers also allows uLace to deliver our patented Laced-Feel TM Technology, which provides snugness to match standard shoelaces.

uLaces are Effective. They allow you to quickly and easily slip your sneakers on and off, while providing a snug fit while you're on the go.

We keep working every day to make uLaces the ultimate hassle-free shoelace replacement. That must be why 97% of people that purchase uLace come back and purchase them again.