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Tapple Game

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Get ready for a new edition of the fast-paced award-winning word game that levels up family game night as players compete against time. To play the game, pick a card with a category and press the timer. Then, shout out words related to the category that start with a certain letter. Once the related word is announced, tap the corresponding letter tab. Challenge loved ones to this game as you come up with words before the 10-second timer runs out. Play this fun game as a fresh new way to improve vocabulary and add excitement to game nights.
  • Tapple is an award-winning, fast playing word game
  • The portable Tapple wheel stores all of the category cards, making it easy to carry and store
  • Includes 36 cards (144 categories), 1 Tapple wheel with built-in timer and rules
  • 2-8 players can play the game
  • Meant for ages 8+
  • Has a 15-20+ min play time