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Shipping is unavailable. Order online & pickup in-store!

Swingball Pro 21

  • The new and improved Swingball series encourages active play and the development of valuable coordination skills by playing family fun-favorite outdoor games. The games are ready to travel with weather-resistant components that are easy to set up. All products can be played on any surface from the backyard to the beach. The new two-part base with easy-peel lid can be weighted with sand or water and comes with spillage free water plug. The integrated balancing feet offer amazing stability and have been specifically designed to be stacked vertically or self-stand on shelf.
  • Coming with a steel pole, designed for durability and the most competitive players, standing at 8 meters
  • It includes a power-play spiral top and a real tennis ball, able to withstand powerful hits
  • Thick power bats come with non-slip grips allowing players to get lost into the heat of the game
  • New and improved the all-surface base contains an integrated handle for easy portability