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Pop Up T-Rex Game


Pop Up T-Rex from TOMY Games takes you right to the heart of Jurassic World! It’s like traveling back in time millions of years. Rumor has it there’s a dinosaur trying to escape from his crate, just itching to get out. The only way to discover if he’s trapped or on the loose is to slide something through the sides of the cretaceous crate. Heart rates will rise, fingers will quiver… Will you be the one to upset T-rex?

To play, take turns sliding one of your colored dinosaur bones into the slots right around the crate. If nothing happens, you’re safe. You can breathe. But wham! If you make Dinosaur pop, you’re out of the park and out of the game! Press and twist the dinosaur back into the crate and keep taking turns. Nobody knows which slot will make him pop next – it’s different every time! Keep playing in rounds. The last surviving explorer left behind wins the game!

Dinosaur fans young and old will love this exciting kids’ game that’s quick to set up and easy to learn, but always leaves you wondering what will happen next. One wrong move and you’re dinosaur dinner!

Contains 1 T-rex dinosaur, 1 crate, 24 bones and instructions. Suitable for 2-4 players, 4 years and up.

  • Feel the thrill of a visit to Jurassic World! Pop Up T-Rex is the nerve jangling kids’ game that’s full of surprises
  • Nowhere to run! Take turns and carefully slip one of colored dinosaur bones into the crate
  • Which slot will make him pop? If you disturb the dino, he’ll spring out of the top
  • A survival game: Reset the cretaceous crate – no one knows which slot will make the T-Rex pop up next! Last surviving player wins the game
  • Family game fun: suitable for boys, girls and older explorers too. For 2-4 players aged 4 years and up