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RC Cobra


A toy snake is the perfect way to pull a prank on someone. Odyssey Toys presents the Odyssey RC snake, a remote controlled snake that slithers all over the ground and is the perfect way to scare the jeepers out of someone. One look at this realistic reptile and they'll be sure to jump out of their shoes! If you walked into a room and saw a long, snake sitting there, what would you do? Scream in horror, or calmly walk over and pick it up? Odyssey Toys gives you a chance to answer this question by presenting its latest marvel, a remote-controlled snake that slithers and shimmies its way all over the room. 

It has a shiny layer of plastic skin that gives it a realistic appearance. Watch as it slithers, and take note of the tail that realistically swings back and forth.

The RC Snake comes equipped with a remote transmitter in the shape of a snake egg, which controls the snakes movements using infrared technology. Its free-moving design creates life-like, accurate movement - you'll know it's not real, but your friends and family won't! Your dogs and cats will even be astounded at the sight of this snake scuttling across the floor. Don't forget to take note of the hilarious reactions that it will cause!

KW: hooded cobra