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Blokus Game

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Stake your claim and protect your territory with Blokus® game!

A tactical game of strategy. Board looks like a blank Scrabble board. The colored game pieces are all different shapes - like the game pieces in the computer game Tetris - which players take turns playing so their color game pieces are only touching at the corners, not ever along a flat side. The object of the game is to block the other player's pieces while protecting your own - and end the game with the lowest remaining total surface area for your game pieces. Instructions are straight forward, and the rules are easy to learn. Game board measures 10" x 10". 2 to 4 players. Europe's 2002 Game of the Year!

Easy to learn and great for families, Blokus® is the fast-paced strategy game that delivers “One Rule, Endless Possibilities!™”

For Ages: 7+