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Having trouble getting your kids to pick up after themselves? Are you endlessly prompting them to do their homework? Wouldn't you love to hear please and thank you more often? The "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart can help! We've included a mix of chores, behaviors and daily tasks to bring help improve behavior and encourage kids to be more independent and responsible. The "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart is easy to use and kids LOVE to earn their stars! TASKS INCLUDED: Get Dressed, Go Potty, Brush Teeth, No Whining, Get Along With Others, Good Table Manners, Make Bed, Set Table, Help with Dishes, Go to Bed and Stay in Bed, Good Manners While Others on Phone, Say Please and Thank You, No Mean Words, No Yelling, Eat Veggies, No Harming Others, Feed Pets, Share Your Toys, Water Plants, Clean Your Mess, 3 blanks Gender: unisex.