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Fingears M-19mm Silver-Black Set


Fingears is a fun fidget that you can freely control with your fingers. There are 3 magnetic rings in each box. Each ring contains 16 small magnets.

Light mini toy FinGears M-19mm will easily fit in your pocket or backpack. Stylish fidget will cheer you up and diversify your leisure time. The set includes 3 magnetic rings, for that reason playing with fidget ring is extremely convenient and always exciting.

The key benefits of FinGears M-19mm Set are:

FinGears magnetic rings help to relax and relieve tension. Fidget is perfect for doing different tricks. You won’t be bored with this toy, as you can create figures on your own. The Anti-stress Toy spinner ring will help you to relax and rest during the day. Smooth moves of the rings soothe and relax finger muscles.

The main purpose of the toy FinGears M-19mm — is entertainment and fascinating leisure time. It’s way easier to keep your hands busy with FinGears, than spinning a pencil or a pen. People of all ages and occupations will be excited to get such a present. It’s so easy to use the fidget, that even kids can do this.

FinGears M-19mm - is always convenient and exciting. Small size of the product. The toy will fit in anywhere, and you can spin it at any time: outside, on break, or even while concentrating on the lecture. Monotonous moves of the fidget will help you to relax and switch from one activity to another.

It’s convenient to create unusual and complex figures with the toy from FinGears M-19mm collection. To implement your challenging idea, you may need another set of fidget. You can play FinGears M-19mm not only on your own, but also among friends. Surprise your friends with handling rings and doing tricks. 

Daily exercises keep your finger joints in shape. Rhythmic moves of FinGears help to increase speed movement of your fingers. Fidget will distract a kid from computer games, and will become an irreplaceable part of workouts, time at the park, or at home.

Magnetic spinning are irreplaceable while having strong mental activity, thus it’s suitable for school kids, students, and adults. Being distracted by the game helps to change focus, find the right solution, and definitely rest after working day. 

Fidget is made out of plastic and metal, doesn’t irritate skin, has no smell. Fidget ring can be also used by people prone to allergic reactions.

FinGears products are made in Ukraine, certified and licensed. They meet all the international quality standards, that can be proved by a number of examinations.

The toy FinGears M-19mm. Silver looks stylish. Besides, modern anti-stress toy FinGears is strong and resistant to mechanical damages.