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Candygrams Game

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Enjoy a mental reboot while gaining spelling and vocabulary skills with the all-new Candygrams. Simply roll the dice, match the colors, and create words. In this original word game, each player builds his own crossword, matching the colors rolled by the dice. Simple, yet strategic, Candygrams is designed to develop word skills, while sharpening minds.

The color restrictions of the dice add a surprise twist to this Scrabble-type game. The instructions for play are clear and succinct, with two alternatives, so getting started is a snap. The gameplay is relatively short, about 15 minutes, and with no turn-taking, and minimal waiting on other players, this is the perfect game for young players. Candygrams comes with 111 hefty tiles in three bright colors, two large six-sided dice with colored faces that match the tiles, and complete instructions. Recommended for ages 7 and up, however, Candygrams is challenging even for teens and adults.