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Bakugan Starter Set - Season 4

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  • BAKUGAN - The Bakugan are marbles that turn into fabulous creatures when they fight into a duel; make your kids heroes that protect the Bakugan and the Earth from enemies
  • NEW SEASON 4 - Bringing together both new and familiar characters, the Bakugan return with new designs and exceptional details. In this season 4, ultra-powerful new creatures make their appearance, the Bakugan Die Cast (sold separately) with their metal body
  • 3 BAKUGAN INCLUDING 1 ULTRA - Each starter pack is to collect and contains 2 classic Bakugan and 1 Bakugan Ultra to build up their team and get started directly into battle. Bakugan is a unique concept: both action figure, skill game, puzzle and collectable
  • LAUNCH YOUR BAKUGAN TO SEE THEM DROP - Send your Bakugan correctly on BakuCore magnetic hex cards to activate the magic transformation. The classic Bakugan will then rise from their BakuBall to become an impressive creature. The Bakugan Ultra will have an even more dramatic transformation, with leaping action, taking the BakuCore to reveal its powerful secret
  • Please note: this product is part of a assortment, so it is possible that you receive it in a different colour or model than the one shown in the image
  • COMBAT - With your team consisting of new classic Bakugan and your Bakugan Ultra, embark into battle against your friends and get out victorious. To create an even more powerful team, call a Bakugan Die-Cast (sold separately), it's ultra powerful with its metal body
  • MASTER YOUR BAKUGAN - Each Bakugan is also a miniature puzzle: you must learn to master its unique closing mechanism
  • Train yourself – launch your Bakugan on the BakuCore by pushing them further and further away, little by little and thus gain precision and address. So you will be a fearsome opponent