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Shipping is unavailable. Order online & pickup in-store!

AMOS Recordable Music Peach Lollipop

  • PERSONALIZED VOICE MESSAGES: Make moments unforgettable with Amos' Recordable Lollipop. Easily record and re-record endearing messages, making every treat a unique gesture of care.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY THROUGH BONE CONDUCTION: Keep your words exclusive. Our advanced bone conduction tech ensures only the lollipop eater hears the recorded messages, adding intimacy and privacy.
  • HEALTHY INDULGENCE: Savor the delightful peach nectar lollipop guilt-free. Crafted with isomalt, Amos lollipop is not only diabetic-friendly but also promotes dental health.
  • VERSATILE GIFTING SOLUTION: Whether it's a heartfelt declaration for a loved one or a playful surprise for a friend, Amos VoiceWave Lollipop transforms moments into memories, letting your sentiments echo sweetly.