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Onewheel Electric Skateboards

Meet the 2020 Hoverboard - The Onewheel Skateboard

Welcome to the future, where fast, fun, and electric transportation is a great way to get around or just spend an afternoon. The Onewheel is easy to ride, most people can learn in just a few minutes, even if they’re not used to boardsports! The intuitive controls and powerful sense constantly help you retain balance. Lean forward or back to control the device and enjoy the freedom of electric travel. Want to get your hands on one and give it a try? Visit the Larning Express in Cary, NC today!


The Onewheel XR

The Onewheel XR is the third generation for the device, and includes and extended range of between 19 - 29km with one battery charge. The XR is able to clock speeds up to 19mph! If that’s too fast for you, no worries. The Onewheel  XR includes an integrated phone app that allows users or parents to choose a different power mode. If you’re looking for where to buy a Onewheel XR in Raleigh, NC then look no further than Learning Express!

The Onewheel Pint

The Onewheel Pint is perfect for newer riders! This smaller, less expensive model is both easier to ride and more affordable, making it the perfect gift this Christmas season. This 27 inch long version offers a Simplestop dismount feature which significantly lowers the learning curve of the tradition Onewheel XR. The Pint does have a reduced range than the larger version, but still boasts up to 8 miles of range on a single charge. Don’t miss out on the hottest Christmas gift this season, pick up a Onewheel Pint from Learning Express today!

The Onewheel Accessories 

At Learning Express, we also stock a full line of great accessories for the Onewheel, allowing customers to outfit your Onewheel as you see fit. The Onewheel fender is a magnetic fender package keeps you from getting pebbles in your shoes, and protects your clothes from dirt and spatter. The car charger and car storage packages allow easier transportation of your Onewheel and a great way to stay charged on the go!

Popular Questions about the Onewheel: 

How fast is the Onewheel XR? 

The top speed for the One Wheel Xr is up to 19mph powered by a 750W Hpyer Core Hub motor. 


How fast is the Onewheel Pint? 

The top speed for the Onewheel Pint is up to 16mph.


Where To Buy Onewheels in North Carolina? 

Each of the 4 Learning Express locations offer both versions of the Onewheel as well as the full suite of accessories. Whether you’re in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, or Chapel Hill, Learning Express has got all of your Onewheel needs covered!


How long does a Onewheel XR take to charge? 

The Onewheel XR charges in just 60 minutes with the hyper charger and 110 minutes with the standard home charger. 


How hard is it to ride a Onewheel? 

Most people can learn to ride the Onewheel in a few minutes, even if they are not experienced skateboarders. The Onewheel offers a variety of sensors and computational tools to help you keep your balance and avoid accidents.


Designed and Produced in the USA

The Onewheel and it’s accessories were designed and produced in the USA. The board is built with the highest quality materials to ensure your ride is smooth, sturdy and fun.


Where to buy Onewheel Electric Skateboards in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Morrisville and Apex?

For the largest selection of Onewheel boards and accessories in the Triangle area, visit Learning Express - Cary. Our experienced team can help you choose the perfect gift!