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Sky Dream Catcher Swing


B4Adventure's Sky Dreamcatcher Swing is a unique, colorful hand-woven swing that will take children soaring on their own backyard adventure!

It includes a 38" diameter, hand-woven polypropylene rope with UV resistant eight foot adjustable nylon, a sturdy steel frame, and two carabiners. b4Adventure's Sky Dreamcatcher Swing has no assembly required and has easy installation. The swing can hang from two points or a single point for more spinning action. Children can swing, twirl, and spin as far as their imaginations will take them!

b4Adventure's Sky Dreamcatcher Swing can hold several children with a max weight limit of four hundred pounds and a minimum age limitation of 4 years or 48 months.

Colorful 38" diameter hand-woven swing Includes adjustable 8-ft UV resistant nylon rope and 2 carabiners. Age 4+, Max Weight: 500 lbs

Holds up to 5 children Attach to strong, healthy tree or play structure

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