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Playstix 150 Piece Set


This annual Best Seller is a child’s favorite as an introduction to the captivating world of Playstix®! This 150-piece set of Playstix allows you to build a wide variety of models right out of the box without the need for any additional or specialized parts. The included idea booklet illustrates fun projects to build from a table and chairs to a two-story cabin.

STEM Supporting Construction for Children:
This award-winning construction set utilizes plastic rods that are color-coded by length.
This makes it easy for children ages 4 & up to construct the projects included in the idea booklet.

Learning Through Play:
Children love the open-ended, challenging play provided with Playstix® that encourages social interaction, problem solving, creativity, and visual discrimination.

Educationally Sound:
This set helps develop fine motor skills, cognitive ability, encourages imagination and
provides a wonderful outlet for creativity and learning while having fun.

Clever Construction Toy:
This set will grow along with child. Each Playstix® has grooves, allowing children to stack and build. As they get older, they will master the “snap and lock” process to build the more challenging models in the included booklet. In both formats, the different length rods are color-coded, so it is easy to see how each model is built.

Popular Playthings:
Our aim is to create educational toys that are beneficial and fun for children.
Our toys promote playful experimentation to foster an early love of learning.

Playstix Skills and Development Attributes
Stem Supporting
Critical Thinking Skills
Visual Discrimination
Exploratory Play
Communication & Social Skills
Following Directions
Vocabulary & Language Development
Creative Play
Physical Science
Construction Play

150 Playstix Pieces:
28 yellow, 28 light blue, 30 purple, 22 red,
15 dark blue, 11 green and 16 orange
Idea Booklet