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Rainbow Xylophone is an electronic percussion pad that is flexible, portable and easy to travel with. The rainbow color schemes and song booklet let you learn and play songs so easily! USB connectivity (cable included) or battery (4 AAA batteries). Easy to pray and spin it back and put it in your bag or box after it has played. The unique pad design mimics the real xylophone. Color-coded bars, song booklet and tutorial features allow you to learn and play songs quickly and easily. 7 realistic instrumental sound styles (xylophone, tubular bells, celesta, glockenspiel, music box, vibraphone and marimba) + multiple demo songs that you can play the xylophone pad in several ways. Multiple features include built-in speaker, audio output, recording / playback and volume control keys. Allow you to connect the audio output to the headset or external speaker. The standard electronic xylophone set allows beginners to make their masters, children and adults enjoy the heavy and fragile sounds, hitting the mallet pad and playing their favorite music.