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Sold in lots of 24 @ $7.94 each. Stained Glass Made Easy - Ocean This guided arts-and-crafts activity gives young artists everything they need to create a shimmering "stained glass" light catcher. The results are gorgeous: Shaped sticker-gems depict a dolphin, sea turtle, angel fish, and clownfish swimming in a sunbathed coral reef. Hang the finished artwork in a sunny window to see this pretty scene shimmer to life! It's easy to create: Just match the stickers to the number key and place them on the see-through design template. Young artists will be enchanted by the glittering results, and proud to show them off in the ready-to-hang frame. Follow the number key to place glittering stickers over the template. See-through sparkle-gem stickers shine when the light shows through! Premounted in ready-to-hang wooden frame. Includes everything you need to fill the picture--no glue required!