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Boogie Board Jot 4.5 LCD eWriter, the eco-friendly electronic writing and drawing medium. Write down quick ideas or create to-do lists - anything you don&39;t need to keep forever - without wasting a single sticky note. Compact enough to carry in a purse or any travel bag. Share with the kids and let them doodle all day long. All without using a single piece of paper. You&39;ll be hooked once you feel how smooth writing is on the Boogie Board.Features:Color - Pink.Compact, lightweight design fits easily in a purse or pocketTapered stylus attaches securely to caseUnique stackable design for easy use and storageThumbtack holes for hanging notes on a pegboard or similar surfacePlastic removable cover protects writing surface from unwanted screen marksDimension - 7 L x 8 W x 1 D in.