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Harmony Flakie Nail Polish

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Harmony Flakie polish is a color combination of flakes. This flakie polish shifts through cobalt blue, teal, hot pink, purple, green...and in bright lighting and different angles you will encounter yellowish-gold, magenta and bronze. The flakes in this polish are opaque so they can be applied over any base color. Harmony Flakie polish was made to be applied over the polish base of your choice. To obtain the most dramatic effect, use a white base, silver base, black base, deep cobalt blue base or a deep purple base coat show off this polish at its best. Any other base color works with this topper as well, but might have a less dramatic effect. Under certain lights it has a very cool metallic look! 

Always remember to shake your bottle upside down in-between every few nails and the flakes will disperse throughout the bottle and attach to the fantastic flat brush. After you put a base coat color on, you should apply 1 to 2 coats of this topper on top. For fuller coverage, apply additional coats as needed. It has a smooth finish after applying 1 to 2 coats of a top coat or gel. Apply a thick top coat to seal in the flakes and allow for a smooth finish.

Note: The flakes in this polish are very thin and go on effortlessly and lay very flat. They are not glitter so they come off very easily when removed with polish remover.

This polish glows under UV blacklights. (does not glow in the dark)

KW: Polka Dots Polish