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Elf on the Shelf Boy


Have you ever wondered how Santa knows who is naughty tor nice?

A toy full of joy! Children love the rhyming story of The Elf on the Shelf, who watches over them by day, reports to the North Pole at night, and returns at sunrise to a new hiding spot. Oh what fun it is to find him every day! Store the elf, the beautiful hardcover book and all the sweet memories in the keepsake box until next year.  Believe!  The Elf on the Shelf is for all who believe in Santa, holiday stories, and family traditions. Herald the season by reading the book and enjoy this fun family hide-and-seek activity right up through Christmas Eve. 

This beloved family tradition has captured the hearts of children everywhere who embrace the magic of having a Scout Elf who reports to Santa each night during the holidays. Once you adopt a Scout Elf it takes on the personality of your family and will create memories for generations!
  • The Elf On The Shelf Boy with blue eyes
  • Adoptable Scout Elf
  • Artfully illustrated storybook
  • Keepsake box
  • Official Adoption Certificate