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Ask Einstein Math Flash Cards Booster Pack

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Einstein character sold separately.

Ask Einstein by Dr. STEM Toys is the newest technology in flash card learning. Kids will see a flash card and try and get the correct answer by placing Einstein on the card.

If they are correct - Einstein flashes green and makes sounds. If the answer is wrong Einstein flashed red and buzzes. This is a booster pack of 100 flash cards covering early addition and subtraction.

Plus, we've included 5 different games kids can use to challenge their knowledge:

-STACK THE DECK GAME is a game of strategy and competition

-HOT PATOTO EINSTEN GAME is a game of speed and fast action

-RUN THE DECK GAME is a challenge for every kid (and adult) -TEAM CHALLENGE GAME is a great team building and bonding game

-THE EINSTEIN DUAL GAME is the ultimate fast action trivia game The cards are 3.5" wide x 4.25" tall.

Great for kids ages 3 - 6

Einstein character sold separately

Perfect for school, home, or home-schooling!

  • SMART FLASH CARDS: Einstein is smart! Kids answer flash card and he tells them if they are correct
  • SOUNDS & LIGHTS: Kids get instant feedback with green light, red light, and sound effects
  • GAME PLAY: Includes 5 different action packed games for 1, 2, 4, or more kids. Even adults can play!
  • SET INCLUDES 100 MATH FLASH CARDS: Einstein character is required and sold separately
  • Perfect for home, school, or home-schooling