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The Case Of The Graveyard Ghost And Other Mysteries

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tHE CASE OF tHE GRAVEYARD GHOSt At Possum Creek Cemetery, dismembered pieces of headstone have mysteriously been discovered, along with bizarre notes signed by the Ghost.When Anna and tim accidentally stumble across a head, they prove that three heads are better than two and decide to get to the bottom of this deed. But finding the Ghost means going back to the cemetery . . . tHE CASE OF tHE WALKABOUt CLOCK Mrs Wagner's antique clock has gone walkabout! But clocks can't walk, can they? Who sent the family a ticket to the circus? Why do the super-sleuths have to be at the Big top that night? Find out how ex-burglar Bluey Blake, the local postman and a windy day help tim and Anna unravel the mystery. tHE CASE OF tHE GEtAWAY GOLD Anna and tim were minding their own business when It happened. Someone smashed a glass case at the Goldfield's Museum and ran away with the famous Getaway Gold Nugget! And when this much gold goes missing, everyone becomes a suspect! Anna and tim have a theory on who did it. But will they be nabbed before they get the chance to point the finger? Ages 6-9 years

192 pages, Paperback

First published June 29, 2005