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Shipping is unavailable. Order online & pickup in-store!

6 Count Globbles

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Get Globbles to take away tension, fix the fidgeting and banish boredom!

Let kids de-stress without the mess using squeezable, squishable Globbles toys.Globbles are a set of six vibrantly colored, sticky, squeezable globs, made for kids to manipulate, stretch, stack and arrange. They help to calm kids’ stress and leave no messy residue.

  • Fun, Safe and Engaging: Non-toxic Globbles are vividly colored, with a squishy feel that invites kids to handle and explore their unique texture.
  • No Residue: Even though Globbles are sticky, they leave absolutely no messy residue.
  • Washable: Clean Globbles with soap and water to restore stickiness.
  • Great Gift Idea: A pack of reasonably priced Globbles makes a fabulous birthday present, prize for a contest, or reward for an achievement.